Hi! I’m Jemellia, here is the best “about me” that I’ve written this far in my life, I will probably never write a new one:
I learned to sew at age 14 in Home Economics after having interest from watching my grandmother sew beautiful garments.  I started sewing again after my daughter was born in 2007 when my husband’s mom loaned me a green 1970 Singer, my creative expression was forever changed.  Right now, I have a small, beloved studio in Norman, Oklahoma where I teach sewing classes for children and adults. I have a little event called Sew OK that you should probably attend. I blog here to show the things that I sew/quilt. 
Here I am with my family, no one has on anything made by me.
photo courtesy of Rustin Sparks

from 2013:

I’m overdue for an update!
Turning into my summer staple. this skirt.

I’m sewing more clothes for myself these days!

Someone is requesting smaller versions of my items. Also, Bobbin the dog, he’s a pointer/beagle mix and is hilarious.
Bobbin & E

I use a Bernina 350 PE at home & a Bernina 770 at my studio.

I own Je’s Bend, where I sew, teach classes to adults and children, and sell a little bit of fabric and notions. Je’s Bend proudly uses Bernina sewing machines, they are great machines, I occasionally use them and they are lovely!

I’m in a quilt guild! I am currently the president (2013) and I enjoy the group.

We are ready to represent!

(from 2010)



Me & Indygo Junction

Hello there! I am the person behind the JemJam blog, my name is Jemellia. I like long walks on the beach, people with a sense of humor and other corny things.

I attend a local university for Sociology and occasionally amaze my family with my culinary skills.

They are just cookies…


When I’m not figuring out how alienate people, I sew. I love to sew for my little one, I recently made her a coat:

School Days Coat

I sew for my family and friends, too. Sometimes, I actually take pictures and maybe even blog about it.

A bag that I embroidered and whipped up for my best Bird:


Right now, I am wanting to guide and instruct sewing, so my blog will now reflect my desire. I am hosting a monthly blog challenge that is worth reading and possibly doing:

StyleStitches button

Here I am in a hat with a dead bird on top:

bird hat

Here’s a family photo:

3 Chucks

Thanks for your support.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. B4 you buy a coop, google the Purina chicken coop. Very doable & optimum for your girls. Thechickenchick.com for solid info, Storey’s guide to chickens. I know its unsolicited advice.

    1. Thanks! I’ve been reading the Chicken Chick in my spare time! My husband made a coop, we just need to finish the inside (nesting boxes, roosting bars, curtains, etc.), so for now they are in the run during the day and back to the garage kennel at night. I have comments set up for unsolicited advice–ha!

  2. Hi Jemellia! So nice to read more about you! Love your blog! Can’t wait to see all the things you create!

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