Emmy Grace Coat

I have not sewn too much these last few months, it’s very sad. I am juggling a few things right now (summertime activities, life, and Sew OK) and one day soon, I will bust out a machine, as I have a lot of bee blocks to make.

McKenzie dress-up jacket


I did make time to sew this McKenzie Dress-up Jacket! I used Bari J.’s newest line, Emmy Grace for the main and lining fabric. The line is so pretty and so sweet, you should read about her inspiration for the prints and name on her blog. Did you see the Ripples print? I NEED ALL OF THE RIPPLES.

As for the pattern, it sewed up nicely, I made it in a few days (little bits here and there), but, maybe 4 hours total, I don’t remember, it was over a month ago. I made the size 6/8 and it fits well and runs just a tiny bit big, but for a child’s jacket, I am okay with that.

The inside is fully lined (no bias binding here!) and will make the perfect fall/spring jacket. I used fabric-covered buttons for the closure, OF COURSE I DID.

I only have this picture that I took with my phone, it isn’t too bad…

Ugh, I just scrolled up, that collar is BEAMING with light, oh well, the jacket is pretty…

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